Shrink Wrapping Supplies

As well as providing shrink wrapping as a service, we now also sell shrink wrap film, accessories and equipment to the trade and public.

We hold stock of some items for immediate delivery or collection, however, we recommend that you phone us rather than coming to see us (in case we are away working on a job).

For a list of equipment and shrink wrap we sell, please visit our other site at

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Our shrink wrapping film is available in a number of grades. For normal shrink wrapping of assets such as boats we recommend 200 micron co-ex shrink wrap film. If you are using shrink film on a scaffold structure, we recommend 250 micron co-ex shrink wrap film or the 300 micron flame retardant film.


  • 30 mtr x 12 mtr 250 mu £300.00
  • 30 mtr x 12 mtr 200 mu £280.00
  • 40 mtr x 10 mtr 220 mu £260.00
  • 50 mtr x 8 mtr 200 mu £250.00
  • 60 mtr x 6 mtr 200 mu £200.00
  • Woven strapping 19mm x 640 mtr £45.00
  • Repair tape 30 mtr x 100 mm £6.00 per roll
  • 30 mtr x 150 mtr £15.00 per roll
  • Zip access doors 2' wide x 3' high £12.00 or 2' wide x 4'6" high £15.00
  • Heat guns in stock - new and recon units



07889 015526

shrink wrap film shrink wrap heat gun
Rolls of shrink wrap film A heat gun for shrink wrapping
White 6mm rope repair tape
6mm Polyprop rope Shrink wrap film repair tape